The only Cambridge based Garage Door Company

Cambridge Garage Doors are well-established as the leading suppliers of high quality garage doors in Cambridge – in fact, they are the only Cambridge based garage door company.


Yell if you want to go faster

Their Yellow Pages advert was being swamped by the adverts of larger companies who claimed to be local, so we designed an advert to stand out and emphasis that they are local, it was a huge success.
But with more and more people going online and fewer using the Yellow Pages, Cambridge Garage Doors needed to move with the times and carry the new design to their website. One of the main objective was to emphasis the fact that they are the only true ‘Cambridge’ based garage door specialists.


We had four main objectives;

1. make it easy for silver surfers to use
2. emphasise the local aspect
3. list spare parts with reference numbers to aid sales and advise
4. SEO





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